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  • 1 hectare

    Farm area

  • 20 tons

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  • 4 years

    On the market

Located in the picturesque neighbourhood of Stobrawsko – Turawskie Forests, Eco Delicious Snails farm was founded in 2010. Since its inception we have been breeding a kind of escargots, the Helix Aspers Muller (also known as Petit Gris, ‘little gray’). During our time on the market we became specialists in the field and we have participated in many professional snails-breeding related courses and trainings.

On our farm we adopted mixed breeding method, where reproduction and incubation take place indoors and later, in the spring, when the average temperature is at least 15°C, the snails are bred in the previously prepared outdoor rearing parks. The farming area covers 2 ha. Each year we produce ca. 40 tones of escargots, however, our capabilities are definitely bigger. With additional contractors willing to cooperate, we can significantly increase the number of snails bred on our farm.

There are all the required equipment and supplies on the farm, such as fully equipped refrigerator rooms and breeding buildings. The outdoor rearing parks are only watered with the clear and unpolluted water from the well. The snails are fed both with fresh plants and a fodder, which is composed of natural ingredients (high quality specially selected cereals). The breeding on the farm is done according to the norms and regulations of heliciculture.

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Our snails are of the highest quality and carefully selected according to their weight (6-8 g and 8-12 g). We offer the excellent quality live and hibernated snails, weighing 6-12 g with shells of 28-35 mm in diameter; they are purged and ready to blanch.

We supply snails directly from our own farm, we do not purchase and sell snails from the other breeders. Snail culture is our family passion and way of life. With full responsibility we guarantee superior quality. We are open to cooperation with both Polish and international customers.

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